Different Kinds of Gun Safes: Which is Best for You?

Different Kinds of Gun Safes: Which is Best for You?

25th Aug 2021

If you’re looking for a place to store your firearms or ammunition, you may have come across two popular options—gun safes and gun cabinets. These secure receptacles keep your belongings safe from theft and unqualified hands.

However, there’s more than one type of gun safe. Deciding which type is right for you will depend on various circumstances, including your living situation and the number of firearms you own.

In this article, we’ll talk about what a gun safe is, why you need one, and go into detail about the different types.

What is a gun safe?

Essentially, a gun safe is a type of safe with room for storing ammunition and firearms. At the most basic level, a gun safe will prevent unauthorised access, while more advanced versions can protect against flood, fire, and other natural disaster damage.

Some gun safes come with extra features. We’ll describe some of these features—and their benefits—below.

Australian gun safety regulations

In Australia, you must lock all firearms in a steel safe, cabinet, or—in all states apart from WA—a durable and secure wooden safe. In most states, you must also store ammunition in a separate, locked section of the safe (or a different safe altogether).

Gun owners in WA must also add a double lock to their safe if the door’s swinging edge measures between 500 and 1,500 mm.

Types of gun safes

If you’re looking for a basic method to keep your firearms and ammunition safe from thieves, unauthorised people, or children, a simple steel safe will do the trick. Both rifle and pistolvarieties are relatively easy to find.

However, if you’re after added security, choose a safe with additional features such as:

- Water and fire protection - Digital locking system - Fingerprint identification - Relocking capabilities

When deciding between electronic and mechanical locking systems, weigh up the pros and cons. Mechanical locks are generally more reliable but take longer to open. Many mechanical locks also come with keys to prevent somebody from turning the combination dial. This extra precaution will stop unauthorised people from attempting to guess the combination code.

Some safes also come with a mechanical re-locker. These devices, which you’ll find inside the door, will permanently lock your safe if an attempted break-in occurs. Most re-lockers are spring-loaded bolts that fire into the safe’s opening mechanism or frame when compromised.

If you’re concerned about forced entry, consider a safe with live locking technology and pry-resistant steel. For fire and water protection, choose a safe with a durable concrete core.

You can find safes intended for storage in various locations, including:

- Under-bed safes - In-wall safes - Vehicle safes - Drawer safes - Mirror safes - Nightstand safes - Bedside safes

For concealment, consider investing in a ‘hidden’ safe. You can install these kinds of safes behind a false wall or within an existing closet to keep them protected from view.

Invest in a secure safe today

Gun safes keep firearms and ammunition safe from unauthorised people, burglars, and in some cases, natural disasters. Investing in the right kind of gun safe will ensure your belongings stay secure and protected.

If you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality, durable gun safe to keep your firearms and ammunitions secure, contact the team at Terry’s Gold Coast Safes today.