Tips & Products to Maintain Your Gun Safe

Tips & Products to Maintain Your Gun Safe

6th Jul 2021

Without proper maintenance, any gun safe can lose its efficacy and begin to function improperly. These risks should be avoided where gun safes are concerned, as the consequences could be lethal.

Follow these 5 simple tips to maintain your gun safe and consider our top-quality recommendations on products.

1. Clean your gun safe regularly

This is the first step in ensuring that your gun safe remains operative. Use a non-abrasive cloth with a neutral mix of water and soap to clean metal safe components to avoid scratches or dents. Harsh chemicals and cleaning agents should also be avoided. This should be carried out once a month to prevent dust and grime build-up, which is a by-product of constant handling.

For interior cleaning, consider using a microfiber duster. We recommend the OXO Good Grips Microfiber Hand Duster or the MR.SIGA Lint Free Microfiber Duster. This will avoid scraping and/or tarnishing the interior cloth surface.

2. Don’t neglect your firearms

Many forget that gun safes do not provide complete gun care and neglect their firearms completely. High moisture and humidity levels in gun safes can lead to corrosion and rusting of plastic, lead, and copper components. The air in your gun safe should never be more than 50% humidity.

You should always clean your guns before storing them and store your gun powder in a different location that is free from moisture. Sage & Braker’s CLP Gun Cleaning Formula is a good solution to use.

You may also consider using a dehumidifier to prevent high moisture levels. We recommend installing a desiccant dehumidifier to circulate air and create positive pressure, as well as a dehumidifier rod to absorb excess moisture. Consider the Liberty Safe EVA-Dry Mini-Dehumidifier or the SnapSafe Rechargeable Dehumidifier.

3. Grease annually

Apply lubricant to the bottom, side, and front bolts and hinges to prevent rusting or sticking and make sure to extend your locking bolts before applying a thin layer around the perimeter.

Avoid over-greasing as this could lead to leaks and can damage the padded parts of your gun safe. It may be worth manually enforcing the lock mechanism a few times to ensure adequate lubrication on all parts. For effective grease solutions, choose Gasoila Free All Rust Eater Deep Penetrating Oil.

4. Service your lock and fire seal

Always check your fire seal for wear and tear and ensure that it is adequately secured to the door frame, as inoperative seals could compromise functionality and allow for unauthorised access. Alternatively, if you do not have a fire seal or it has become irreparable, you can find adequate replacements online. Pemko offers multiple choices.

Lock mechanisms should also be checked every year. They may require biometric recalibration, replacement, or loosening. Such services should be carried out by a professional or an experienced locksmith respectively to exercise preventative maintenance.

5. Install additional features – gun racks and floor bolting

We recommend the Winchester RASW003 Run Around Susan Gun Rack or the Mind and Action Foam Pistol Rack Handgun Holder for gun racks. They adequately prevent your guns from becoming damaged and can prevent inappropriate behaviours, such as stacking. Make your guns accessible and safe with these options.

There is no point in maintaining your guns if they are easily accessible to thieves. Consider using a safe anchor kit or bolting your gun safe to the floor to prevent theft or falling. We recommend securing your gun safe to a concrete slab in an inconspicuous location.

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