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Safes are a highly effective way of protecting valuable items and keeping them safe from burglary, theft, loss, explosions, core drills, fire arms, fire and water damage. The key to ensuring maximum protection is having the safe installed correctly. The professionals at Terry’s Gold Coast Safes provide expert installation services throughout the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

We can work with your builder and architect to specify an appropriate cavity in the concrete slab in preparation for the installation of an ultra-secure in-slab floor safe. Alternatively, we can dynabolt the safe to your existing floor or we can use a chem-set anchoring product, which acts like an extremely strong glue. It doesn’t matter how strong your safe is, if the safe can be stolen and taken elsewhere for destructive opening, then it defeats the purpose of having a safe. Call Terry’s Gold Coast Safes to make sure your Gold Coast safe is installed securely.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bolt my safe to the ground or the floor?


Bolting your safe into a concrete surface increases the security and reduces the risk of the safe being stolen. Some safes come with a bolt-down kit but it’s best to contact a professional to install the safe in order to avoid compromising the protective functionality of the unit.


Do safes come with a warranty?


This depends on whether you buy a new or second hand safe, all new safes will come with a warranty and the conditions of the warranty will depend on the manufacturer. The retailer selling you the safe can provide the details and conditions of the warranty upon purchase. If you are buying a used safe, the reseller can advise on the warranty conditions.


Where can I find the combination of my new safe?


Check the instructions that came with the safe to find the factory combination when using it for the first time. Alternatively, ask the safe seller or installer about the combination. Once the unit is installed, change the combination to one that only you know, in order to maximise safety and security.

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