Best Floor & In-Floor Safes for your home

Best Floor & In-Floor Safes for your home

22nd Oct 2021

Floor & In-Floor Safes

In-floor and floor gun safes offer several advantages for homeowners. They’re easily concealed from children and intruders and allow you to secure your firearms without taking up additional space in your home.

Terry’s Gold Coast Safes have a wide range of floor and in-floor safes for homeowners to choose from. Here are some of the best brands for you to consider.

Platinum floor safes

It’s important that you select a floor safe that can accommodate all your firearms comfortably. The Platinum Floor Safe range comes in various sizes to remain accessible to all homeowners. Some size options include:

- 21kg - 39kg - 45kg - 57kg

Platinum Floor Safes are simple shaped to allow for easy concealment in your floor. Homeowners can choose to cement or bolt the gun safe to the floor for increased security.

Perhaps what makes these safes so popular is their anti-drill steel plate that’s situated behind the lock. This prevents intrusive opening attempts without compromising the easy functionality of the safe. That is, Platinum safes operate on a gas spring for quick and easy opening.

These safes are extremely durable with their proof powder-coated finish and solid steel exterior. This makes them a great, long-standing investment for homeowners.

Dominator in-floor safes

Concealment is considered the primary defence when securing your valuables. That’s why we recommend Dominator’s In-Floor Safe range for the ultimate concealment option.

Even if you’re in-floor safe is located, Dominator products include several safety features that protect your firearms from falling into the wrong hands.

They are suitable for most properties and have several lock options available according to your requirements. These safes are equipped with 18mm locking bolts and a fixed sidebar which prevents them from being pried open easily.

Homeowners want to purchase from a brand they can trust, and Dominator offers a five-year mechanical and body warranty on its products.

With various size options available and a sleek black finish, Dominator in-floor safes are a top choice for residential property owners.

Secuguard in-floor safes

The Secuguard AP430F In-Floor 32kg safe has several features that make it the perfect choice for homeowners. Some of these include:

- Secondary re-locking device. - Drill resistant hardened steel plate to protect lock area. - Gas strut to assist door lifting. - Heavy-duty 4mm steel plate cover lid - Powder-coat finish

Since in-floor safes require more effort to open due to their concealment, Secuguard has installed multiple access options that allow for quick operations.

For example, homeowners can benefit from the digital keypad that has top lighting to improve accessibility in dimly lit locations, as well as a footprint lock.

However, these accessible features in no way detract from the secure elements of the safe that guarantee your firearms remain locked away. The lock is Australian made and extremely pick-resistant and the safe has 32mm solid steel locking bolts.

Looking for top-quality in-floor safes for your home? Terry’s Gold Coast Safes has a wide range of options for you to choose from. Browse our range today.