Our Rifle Safes on the Gold Coast

Our Rifle Safes on the Gold Coast

24th Sep 2021

Rifle Safes Gold Coast

A quality  rifle safe should optimise door construction and provide ultimate protection. At Terry’s Gold Coast Safes, we have a wide range of rifle safes available that differ according to size and requirements.

Whatever item you purchase, you can rest assured to receive a top-quality product that’s equipped with state of the art technology.

Browse our range today at Terry’s Gold Coast Safes.

Various Gun Safe Sizes

There are several  rifle safe sizes available at our store. That way, you don’t have to pay more on an item that houses multiple rifles or install more than one safe to protect all your firearms.

For example, our  Lokaway firearm safes come in small, medium, and large dimensions – making them accessible to all customers. Lokaway is an Australian brand, which means that all products are manufactured and designed here. The Lokaway series offers the utmost protection with its renowned #1 anti-pry design.

These items feature patented ‘swing and slide’ technology when it comes to its locking function which is unparalleled in the industry.

For five-year warranties on safe construction, shop the  Lokaway range today.

Tough Series Rifle Safes

It’s important that you keep your guns away from children and other vulnerable individuals. The  Hunt Pro Tough rifle safe Series recognises this and capitalises on security functions.

Purchase a  Hunt Pro Tough Series product today and witness its innovative installations for yourself. Items come with an H-lock design that incorporates anti-theft technology.

This series combines form and function as, alongside its hardwearing form, products allow for quick operations and easy access.

With a carpet lined inning to protect your firearms and an external ammo box for quick apprehension, you can’t go wrong with Tough Series.

Large Safes with Additional Installation Features

If you have multiple rifles that need protection, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer large gun safes that can hold anywhere between 14 and 32 rifles all at once.

The  HCH32 Superior (Digital) 258kg gun safe is a premium item that holds up to 32 rifles. It features door back shelving that allows you to categorise your firearms and keep them in an orderly fashion.

It also has a carpet gun rack and a pro-rack for multiple storage options. Its capabilities don’t stop there as there are various add-on features to choose from, including:

- Emergency key-override functions

- Biometric technologies

- Access control systems

- Bluetooth

- Dual control options

Security Approved Rifle Safes

If top-level security is what you’re looking for, then we recommend the  Dominator rifle safe Series. These products are designed not only to meet gun safe standard requirements but to exceed them.

With various size options available, you can tailor your Dominator gun safe for your exact needs with its adjustable internal fitting options.

To fortify against any faults or errors, the Dominator Series incorporates pre-fabricated installation provisions. That means that you can rest assured to have a problem-free experience when it comes to this gun safe model.

For  rifle safes Gold Coast residents can count on, browse our extensive range today or contact us for more information.