Used Safes

Used Safes For Sale Gold Coast

If you are looking for a safe that is affordable and reliable, you may want to consider a used or refurbished safe from Terry's Gold Coast Safes.

A used or refurbished safe is a type of safe that has been previously owned and restored to its original condition. A used or refurbished safe has benefits such as:

- It is cheaper than a new safe, which means you can save money and get more value
- It is fully serviced and tested by a qualified locksmith, which means you can trust its quality and security
- It is compliant with the Australian standards and regulations, which means you can meet your legal obligations
- It comes in a variety of brands, sizes and styles, which means you can find the one that suits your needs and preferences

At, we offer a wide range of used and refurbished safes from trusted brands and manufacturers, such as CMI, Chubb, Lord and Dominator. We have safes for all kinds of purposes, from home safes to commercial safes, from fire safes to gun safes. We also offer installation and delivery services, as well as expert advice on choosing the right safe for your needs.

Browse our selection of used and refurbished safes today and find the perfect one for you. You'll be glad you did.