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Qualified & Police clearance

If you’ve forgotten the safe combination, the combination is not working, or the batteries in your safe are dead and you cannot open the safe, talk to the professionals at Terry’s Gold Coast Safes. We have an experienced team of highly skilled safe crackers who are qualified, and have obtained police clearance.

Our trustworthy safe crackers are some of the best in the business and can open any safe, all makes and models. Our service area includes the Gold Coast north to Yatala and the Tweed Coast down to Byron Bay.

Qualified locksmiths, our safe crackers are able to gain entry by manipulating the mechanism and in most cases, will not cause any damage to the integrity and operation of the safe. We use specialised techniques and tools and have fully equipped service vehicles to attend to safe openings.

If you have a safe you are not able to open and you need help, contact the team at Terry’s Gold Coast Safes.
Unlocking A Safe — Terry's Locksmiths in Burleigh Heads, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t open my safe. What should I do?


The first thing you want to check is the combination, if you have it written down, double check the combination and try to open the safe again. Safes with electronic locks do not open when the batteries need replacing. If the combination is correct and the batteries do not need replacing, it’s time to call in the professionals. Ensure the professionals you call are qualified safe crackers and have obtained police clearance.


I lost my keys and combination to the safe. Can I get new ones?


While you can try to get new keys or combinations from the manufacturer, that is not always possible. The next step is to call a professional who can open the safe without damaging it. Check that the professionals are qualified safe crackers and police verified.


Should my safe be bolted down?


This really depends on the weight of the safe. Any safe that is light enough to be carried should be bolted down, ideally into a concrete surface with a dyna bolt or chemical anchoring product.

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