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Safe Relocations

Safes are extremely heavy! Usually specialised equipment and some significant manpower is required to safely move a safe. Stairs are a safe movers nemesis, but there are strategies to deal with this. If you need a safe moved, please get in touch with us. Emailing photos of the safe is usually the best place to start, together with the make/model of the safe and infomration about pick up and set down.

Our service area includes the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast, south to Byron Bay and north to Yatala. An onsite evaluation can help us determine the complexity of the move and the equipment we need to use. We have a large skilled team available to work with any safe, anywhere within our service area.

If you have a safe you need to move, contact us today to arrange an onsite assessment or a quote.
Safe Lock — Terry's Locksmiths in Burleigh Heads, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I call a professional to move a safe?


It’s best to engage a professional for the relocation to avoid damage to the safe and injury to yourself. A professional will assess the specifics of the situation before effectively moving the safe.


What are the main considerations when moving a safe?


Size, weight, sensitivity and the current location of the safe are all taken into consideration before carrying out the move. Other crucial factors to consider are whether there are stairs at either the current location or the new location and whether tight spaces are likely to be an issue at either location.


Why is special equipment necessary when moving a safe?


Depending on the weight of the safe, it could be impossible to move without using specialised equipment. In order to minimise the possibility of damaging the internal workings by dropping the safe, or causing injury to yourself, using special equipment is highly recommended.

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